This Woman MURDERED 5 of Her NEWBORN Babies! But What She Did AFTER Is Even WORSE!!

How do you feel when you lose the sight of your child in a crowded place? You start to panic and do everything in your power to get him or her back. Those are parental instincts that take over, to protect your loving kid when the need arises. But what if you never knew they existed? That would leave any loving parent in a state of shock and devastated for the rest of their life.

One such unfortunate father realized he had five more kids who had been murdered 14 years back and he was shocked when he came to know who their murderer was.

Sylvie H a 53-year-old French woman killed five of her newborns minutes after they breathed their first into the world. The father was shocked to discover that he had five more kids who had been devoid of living by their own mother.

The French police were puzzled and confused when they discovered the body of four infants in the forests of Mulhouse. However, the case went cold after the police were unable to find any concrete evidence pointing to any suspect.

Sylvie, her husband, and her son were involved in a spat with their neighbors and police had to be called to intervene. During the process, the police took DNA samples from Sylvie and found out it was an exact match to the bodies of infants found in the forest years ago.

The police rushed to Sylvie’s home to question her and on seeing them she admitted to her wrongdoings. Two of the five infants killed were strangled with cords and the body of the fifth was found in Sylvie’s background.

The mother has three other children aged 18, 27, and 32 who were completely unaware that they had lost their siblings to their mother just like their father who was unknown about losing five children.

The mother later revealed she had given birth to each of the babies when she was alone at home without her husband’s knowledge.

The incident has shaken the whole neighborhood who are still trying to wrap their heads around what had actually happened just like we all are.

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