These Are 5 Men With WEIRD Abilities You Won’t BELIEVE Existed!

1.) Yu Zhenhuan: Was born in China and he is the hariest man alive. Since the age of 2, he has suffered a rare condition that makes hair have 97% of his body. Yu has had several operations to remover hair from his face to prevent infections. He says that he used to not like going outside and been seen but since he is famous for his hair condition, he nows look forwards on being a rockstar.

2.) Chandra Bahadur Dangi: Is the shortest man to ever live with a height of 1 feet and 9 inches. After winning the Guiness World Record tittle for the shortest human being alive back in 2012. Chandra died on the 5th of december 2015 at age 75 because of pneumonia.


3.) Arlindo de Souz: In 2014, this man injected his arms with a lethal substance that makes your arms huge. The substance he used to inject is alcohol and oil which will make his arms swell up really bad. Arlindo was a big fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger and he says he has the same sice with arms over 25 inches. Many people have died from this substance including one of Arlindo’s close friends.


4.) Tom Staniford: This man born in England has 0% body fat. He is one of the eight people in the world who suffer from NDP which means he is unable to store fat under his skin. Tom has to eat every 15 minutes to survive and this is only one of his many day to day struggle. However his condition hasn’t stopped him from living life to the fullest, he has a degree in law and french & he is also a paralympic cyclist.

5.) Leonid Stadnyk: Leonid is a farmer from a small village in Ukraine and is believed that he is the tallest man in the planet. He measures 8 feet and 4 inches and wears size 27 shoes. Guinness attempted to reach him but he seems to be very shy and doesn’t want to appear in the book. However, in 2013, his mother confirmed his size by measuring him and taking a picture.

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