When one hears of the two-headed shark, what comes to mind is the fiction movie, Jaws. After watching the film Jaws, people would get afraid to go the deepest part of the pool leave alone the ocean. But what scientists are confirming is that the two-headed sharks exist.

Scientists claim that the anomalies are as a result of fish mutation leading to genetic abnormalities. So you can imagine just how scary it is to see a real-life two-headed shark.

As if that is not enough, apparently seeing the real-life two-headed shark is scarier than the one from the movies. Scientists in Spain have discovered the first king of a two-headed shark. But that is just of the recent revelations. The surprising fact is that its the first egg laying two-headed shark species. It is so big that for it to be captured one needs a bigger boat.

Moreover, the scientists have discovered an Atlantic sawtail catshark that has a two-headed embryo and it is mainly found in the Mediterranean. Not only that, each of the embryo`s head has its own brain, gill openings, eyes, and mouth.

The newfound shark species live in deep waters between 1082 feet to 2329 feet. But the best part of the story is that the Atlantic sawtail catshark is threatened species.

But wait there`s more: The shark has two separate livers and stomach, and a single intestine.

But here the kicker: The two-headed shark can be eaten. It is hard for the scientists to access double-headed sharks. The number of accessible two-headed sharks is meager as they are scarce. Therefore, in the meantime, whether that is a relief for you depends on your fear factor. But, just enjoy your swim.

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