Man STABS Dad, BEHEADS His Mother After They Paid His BAIL! What He Told POLICE Officers Will TERRIFY You!

27-year-old Kyriakos Georghiou, from Houston, has been accused of decapitating his mother and inflicting non-life-threatening stab wounds on his father after they helped to bail him out of prison for a conviction of previously punching his mother in the face.

Georghiou was not allowed to be present at the home of his parents because they had placed a restraining order on him after the violent assault he carried out on his 76-year-old mother in the months prior.

Georghiou’s parents allegedly paid the $10,000 that was required for him to be released from prison in return for him to seek help with his mental health at a treatment center.

Jeffrey Wilner, Georghiou’s lawyer, revealed that his mother and father both loved him dearly and that they could not bear for him to be in jail, no matter what he did to them. However, Wilner also stated that if he would have an inclination that Georghiou was going to carry out these brutal actions, he never would have let his father pay his bail.

Reportedly, Georghiou arrived at his family’s residence and began attacking his mother, Jane, with a large knife. His dad, Costas, attempted to shield her from the attack and as a result suffered wounds to the chest and face.

Georghiou then turned back to his mother and continued stabbing her until she was beheaded. Costas Georghiou is still in the hospital, but is expected to make a full recovery.

This is not the first time that Kyriakos Georghiou has been in trouble for attacking his family. 2014 was the first instance of him punching his mom in the face, which left her with broken teeth. He was convicted and sentenced to three years behind bars after pleading guilty.

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