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Student ATTACKS Her College PROFESSOR! You Won’t BELIEVE What He Did To Her!

Pope University is located approximately forty miles north of Atlanta, Georgia. Boasting an undergraduate population of nearly thirteen thousand, the majority of the students live on campus in one of the ten dorms. The relatively small size of Pope Universities classes makes it possible for students to receive a better chance at establishing a rapport with their professors as well as fellow students.

Earlier in the week, authorities were called to Gosslin Hall at approximately one fifteen in the afternoon after Charlotte Jones (21) a sophomore, attacked her literature professor Henry Sweeney (49) claiming that he was a demon in disguise. Jones allegedly assaulted Sweeney in a faculty bathroom a few minutes after her class with him ended.

“I don’t have any explanation for it,” says Sweeney. “I even spoke with Charlotte briefly after class, and she didn’t seem any different than normal. She wasn’t angry towards me or anything. Then I went into the bathroom, and when I came out of the stall and was washing my hands at the sink, I saw her coming up behind me. I had enough time to open my mouth to ask her what she was doing, and that’s all I remember”

Jones allegedly beat Sweeney to unconsciousness with a large textbook before fleeing the bathroom and running back to her dorm room, where she promptly confessed to her roommate Kiera Poulin (20) what she had done. “Charlotte came into the room hysterical,” Poulin reports.

“Her hands were all covered in blood, and she was telling me to call the police. I got her calmed down enough where she could talk, and she told me she had just beaten Professor Sweeney. When I asked her why, she told me that he was possessed by a demon. “

“Charlotte isn’t a girl to believe in demons and ghosts,” continues Poulin. “She’s a business major for God sakes, she’s very practical. But she was adamant that Professor Sweeney was possessed. She said she had heard him speaking in an unknown language multiple times, and that his eyes would shift to red. She said she had to try to kill him because he knew that she knew about him, and was going to kill her first.”

Charlotte Jones remains in an undisclosed mental health facility while her ability to stand trial is determined.

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