Supernatural Isn’t Just a TV Show! Is Real-Life DEMON HUNTING REALLY A Thing??

Ever since the first episode of Supernatural debuted in 2005, brothers Sam and Dean Winchester (played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) have been the number one demon-hunters in the United States. However, as truth often is stranger than fiction, there is a real-life Sam and Dean who are actively working every day to combat demons, monsters and malevolent spirits.

Malcolm Wilson (32) and David Miller (30) are not brothers, but rather childhood best friends who first met in the first grade in Jewel Hill, New York. They both carried an innate interest in the supernatural which caused them to be ostracized and thought of as “weird” to other kids.

Wilson is the son of an avid ghost-hunter father and clairvoyant mothers, while Miller’s parents were instrumental in forming a local new age group in New York which has been liked to a coven by some due to their interest in the spirit world.

“We both came from very eclectic backgrounds,” Miller says. “Most people grow up hearing ghost stories, and they think that it’s just that, a story. Malcolm and I, ghosts and demons were an everyday part of our lives, just like strangers are to other kids. We never had a doubt that the supernatural existed, and that was what initially bonded us at first.”

The friends quickly began pursuing the supernatural shortly after graduating high school. While both work odd-jobs to ensure financial stability, the majority of their time is spent traveling the country in a 2000 van lovingly named Brimstone, investigating claims of demons or other evil entities. “There isn’t a doubt in my mind that demons exist,” says Wilson. “I have seen the proof first hand, many times over. “

“There is a very thin veil between this world and the next,” warns Wilson. “The average person has no idea how many times they come into contact with a demon or other malevolent spirit over the course of a lifetime. We are here to help address a problem that no one will even admit exists.”

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