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Trump Tested Just How JUMPY North Korea Is With US BOMBERS. What Kim Did Will SURPRISE YOU!

The Joined Chiefs of Staff of the South Korean Armed Forces announced today that US supersonic bombers “B-1B”, whose base is in Guam, simulated land-based attacks near the South Korean East Coast.

The US bomber flew today over the Korean peninsula as part of joined military exercises with South Korea, featuring hundreds of planes, which is a clear warning after North Korean testing of their ever-largest and most powerful rocket last week.

The Joined Chiefs of Staff of the South Korean military said today that US supersonic bombers “B-1B”, based on Guam, simulated land-based attacks near the South Korean East Coast during US and South Korean combat exercises, AP reports.

“During the military exercises, the South Korean and US Air Force demonstrated their firm intention and ability to punish North Korea after that country threatened with nuclear weapons and missiles,” the statement said.

The flight of the B-1B type has become a common form of demonstrating force against North Korea, which on the last three tests of intercontinental ballistic missiles has made a clear step forward in the construction of a nuclear arsenal that could endanger the US mainland, claims the American agency.

More than 200 aircraft, including six US “F-12” and 18 invisible F-35 fighters are participating in the five-day exercises that began Monday.

Let’s remember that North Korea has decided the last Wednesday to launch the newest ballistic intercontinental racket which reaches, according to the information of the Saul and Washington, is enough to fly on the territory of USA

The administration of the American President Donald Trump said that “all the options are put on table” when it comes to solving the problem with the program with ballistic rackets and a nuclear weapon in North Korea. But, besides this, he said that a diplomatic solution will be the first thing to do.

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