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At Manhattan’s Port Authority bus terminal, a bomb attack took place in which several people were injured and the bomber was immediately caught by New York police.

At the bus terminal in Manhattan this morning at a local time, an explosion erupted. The New York police immediately rushed to the site of the blast, and as the US media reported, the bomber managed to partially detonate the improvised explosive device.

The blast occurred between 42nd and 8th Avenue, and some subway lines were immediately evacuated. According to the latest information, several people were injured in the incident that occurred near Times Square.

“New York police are checking explosions of unknown origin at a crossroads between 42nd and 8th Avenue,” New York police reported on their official social networking Twitter account.

“NY Post” reports that a suicide bomber detonated the blast, but it activated incorrectly. He was immediately taken into custody after having set up an improvised explosive device in the underground passage leading to the lines “N, Q, and R”.

“It was heard that the explosion came from the subway, but I’m not sure. There were two separate explosions, and a few seconds passed between them. As I made my way out, people pushed the policemen. Everywhere there were “SWAT” teams, it was quite chaotic, “witness Federico Ramirez told” CNN “.

The suspect that was taken down in custody had a minor injury. But it is not known yet if he was the only man that made the attack, or there was someone else.

It was supposed that the number of injured people would have been greater if the man had activated the bomb properly. Fortunately, he dismissed something. All other details are going to be revealed soon.

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