Man ARRESTED For SPYING On Guests. You Will NEVER BELIEVE Where He HID The Camera!

Cesar Fuentes has been arrested and charged with spying on a guest who was staying at the home he had up for rent on Airbnb after she discovered a hidden camera in the bedroom where she was staying.

The victim informed police about the camera after she noticed an alarm clock had been placed on the bed-side table in her bedroom after she had already been staying at the home for a few days. When she attempted to turn the alarm clock on, she realized that it wasn’t a real alarm clock. Upon further investigation of the device, she discovered that it was actually a camera. She immediately packed up her stuff and left the residence.

The woman not only notified authorities about the total invasion of privacy, but she also took to the Airbnb website to warn other individuals who were thinking of renting Fuentes’ property that he was a peeping Tom. Airbnb has since reached out to the victim and offered her their full apologies and support. They have also told police that they are willing to help with their investigation in any way possible.

Airbnb has a strict policy stating that no recording equipment is allowed in bedrooms or bathrooms, and that any other cameras located in a property must explicitly be pointed out to guests when they arrive for their stay.

When police tracked down Fuentes and arrested him for invasion of privacy, they asked him why he had placed a camera in the victim’s bedroom several days after she had already checked in. The excuse he gave was that he was suspicious of the woman and wanted to make sure that she was not stealing or vandalizing his property in anyway. Police did not believe this excuse, and Fuentes is now being help in prison while he awaits trial.

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