Plumber Convicted of MURDERING His Family After LOSING MONEY From GAMBLING! (BRUTAL)

Binh Thai Luc has been found guilty of slaughtering a family of five after losing a substantial amount of money at a casino. The plumber from the San Francisco area is looking at a sentence of life behind bars for the gruesome murders.

According to reports, Luc had been gambling at a local casino in order to try and win money to cover debts that were already hanging over his head. He was also allegedly going to be kicked out of his apartment if he did not pay his landlord rent within a few days. Luc was familiar with the Lei family that he murdered and knew that they would more than likely have a decent amount of money somewhere in their home.

On his way back from the casino, he decided to break into their home and try to find their stash of cash. The robbery quickly took a wrong turn when the father of the family woke up and confronted Luc. Luc allegedly beat the man with a hammer that he had brought with him. He then went into the other rooms of the house and used the hammer to kill the other four members of the residence.

The next day, the bodies of the five individuals were discovered by a young relative who will be scarred for the rest of her life. Police tracked down Luc and found that he had visible signs of blood on his pants. He also had over six thousand dollars in his pockets.

Authorities took him in for questioning, but he denied having any involvement in the murders. Police tested the blood on his jeans, and it was discovered that it was from one of the victims.

Throughout Luc’s trial, his legal team attempted to convince the jury that the real murderer was a random thug or disgruntled lover. Their tactics did not work, and Luc was found guilty of killing all five family members. He is due to be sentenced within the next few weeks.

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