A Neighbor Finds This Deer TIED UP. NOBODY Expected WHAT Would Happen After POLICE Had Arrived!

Animal rescuers deal with all type of animals from protective animals to shocking creatures, if one is not careful, there can be serious accidents. However, not all animals are dangerous, the most traumatizing moment for a pet is when they are terrified.

A perfect example is of a deer that was caught up in the construction in Fulshear Texas, the person who found the dear called the animal department to flee it which didn’t take time to get it out, this is because the deer was in panic mode and was harmless.

When an animal has been caught up in a dangerous place, it can either be terrible or harmless; this depends on the type of animal it is. Some are very violent when they are trapped. The deer stuck in a neighbor’s backyard was harmless and was patiently waiting to be rescued.

The witness told ABC News that he found the deer tied in the house that was being constructed and immediately called the concerned department to come and rescue the animal. In the process, they wondered who had tied up the deer.

For the investigation to start, Officer Kevin Zeischang and other officers arrived at the scene to collect evidence as to why the deer was tied up. When they compiled a few evidence, the saw something was wrong.

After being untied, the deer didn’t move an inch as anyone would have thought of it running, it stayed there even after being removed the nylon papers that were on its antlers.

When they were in their car, the deer started following them where they recorded using their footage camera. They had to chase it in the woods.

The deer did not go away, it stared at them at a glance, making the office worry about its safety especially if the person who tied it up found it again in the building.

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