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Cat With HUMAN HEAD FOUND In Malaysia! (PICS)

A cat found in Pahang, western Malaysia, is circulating the internet after shocking footage showed the feline creature with a human head.

The cat was found by a patrolling policeman in one of the public parks. The policeman tried to pick it up but it came at him with its claws and fangs, forcing him to back off. The incident was reported and soon the park was surrounded by police and members of the animal shelter.

After trying to calm the creature down, the cat with the distinctive human head was shot with a tranquilizer gun and transported to a veterinary hospital for further check ups. The cat caused quite the stir when it woke up at the hospital, obviously terrified of its surroundings, which forced the doctors to inject it with another anaesthetic until the examination was finished.

“I had never seen anything quite like it.” One of the nurses said, “It was exactly like a normal cat would look like, but it was hairless and had a very human-like head.”

The nurse said it was much stronger than any cat she’s seen as well.

“It was ferocious. It tried biting the surgeon and almost took his finger off its socket.”

The nurse, who has worked in the hospital for almost a decade, says that no other case came in even similar to this creature.

The cat sadly died after the second dose of anesthesia, leaving the surgeons with one unanswered question: How was this creature created? Was it born in a laboratory? Or is it the product of a mutation no one has heard of until now?

“We needed more tests until we could determine how this thing came into existence.” The lead surgeon has stated, “It’s unfortunate that its heart couldn’t sustain anaesthesia. We tried to do everything we could to bring it back, but it was too weak to handle it.”

The cat was sent out for further examinations, but the doctors wonder if there could be more where that came from.

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