Dad SHOOTS Son For Drinking His VODKA! Read The INSANE Details Here!

A police sergeant from Illinois has been arrested and charged with attempted murder after shooting his son four times. Raymond Leuser allegedly became enraged when his 20-something year old son drank a few glasses of his vodka and then proceeded to fill the bottle back up with water. An argument ensued, and the son ended up being shot multiple times by his own dad.

According to reports, Leuser called in sick to work on the day that the shooting took place. He allegedly went to his nearby grocery store where he purchased a handle of vodka, some pizza and other refreshments. He spent the day indulging in his treats while everyone else was out of the house.

Leuser’s son returned home to find his dad passed out in the living room. He decided to help himself to the beverage that his dad had purchased earlier in the day, but thought it best to fill the bottle back up so his father wouldn’t notice that he had swiped any of his alcohol. However, Leuser woke up while his son was in the process of adding water to the vodka bottle.

Raymond Leuser began screaming at his son and berating him for what he was doing. He and the son allegedly became engaged in an altercation, which Leuser decided to end by pulling out his gun and shooting his son four separate times. Leuser claims that he acted in self defense because his son had punched him the face during their fight.

Leuser is looking at spending the rest of his life in prison if he is convicted of trying to kill his son. Leuser’s son is still in the critical care unit at their local hospital. Doctors are optimistic that he will make a full recovery, but believe he will require several more surgeries before they can know for sure.

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