200 PEOPLE ATTENDED To This AUTISTIC KID’S Birthday, After NOBODY From His School Showed Up! Find Out Why!

When the 6th birthday of her son arrived, Lisa Schramel started planning the birthday party for the little Mathias. She planned a party with his friends from school. Lisa sent the invitations to them but did not receive a positive answer from even one.

Her idea was to take the kids to the cinema to watch the new film with the superhero Tor and minimum 10 kids needed to accept the invitation in order to reserve the cinema hall.

“The weeks were passing by and the week before the birthday came, but no one has contacted me. So, I was just sitting down and thinking what to do, because my son was talking only about his birthday and he was really excited for that, but unfortunately, no one accepted the invitation for the birthday.” – The mother said.

At that moment of anger, she wrote a post on her Facebook with a message: “My son is cute, good boy. But, no one from his school accepted the invitation for his birthday. He is really excited, but no one will come and now I can’t reserve the cinema hall, even if someone changes his mind at the last moment. It will break his heart.

How can I look that beautiful face and say to him that he is different and that it is OK when people are so mean. Autistic kids are not infectious or violent. They are unique and wonderful as any other kid.”

The story is even sadder if we say that they had tough years in order to have a kid, her husband lost his job two weeks before the birthday, and some close relative was losing his fight with cancer.

Shortly after her message, Lisa started to get messages from random people that really wanted to give to her son a birthday he deserves.

The party was maintained in a ZOO because Mathias loves animals. More than 200 people came to the party and help with the decoration.

The kid and his mother were really happy and satisfied with the outcome. They thanked all the people that came to the party.

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