Action Movie-Star’s HORRIBLE DISEASE REVEALD! How Could He HIDE This For SO LONG?!!

After one of the most fun, action-packed careers of all time, Jackie Chan finally decides to drop it all, and rely in much more in his ability to make comedy or more dramatic fills, as he states he won’t be doing any more action movies.

“It gets to a point where your bones just can’t stand another breaking”, said the actor in his 60’s, who once starred such vibrant films, in which he always did his own stunts, never needing to risk anyone else’s life.

Even if he stated in official media it is because of his disease, in unofficial media the news is a completely different story. Jackie Chan, famous action star, is said to have Paget’s disease: his bones have become too weak from all the activities he did when he was younger.

Now his joints are all used up, with bones perhaps too large for the body part they exist in, making it almost impossible for them to stay in place. It is a commonplace disease in older men, so it’s no coincidence the official story just says it is because of ‘age’ and nothing else.

The Chinese actor has always been known to keep his secrets, being his personal and business life the one the public knows the least about. Every time you see him coming back in his own private jet from China, you don’t know what he was doing there, but we are sure to tell you: acupuncture, the ancient art of reviving one’s body by pressing focal points of pressure all around the body.

If you don’t believe us, look out for the acupuncture mark’s in Jackie’s neck in the trailer for his latest movie “The Foreigner”, where he takes the role of an old man: a role he may have to take now for the rest of his life.

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