Actress For Dove’s RACIST Commercial FINALLY Speaks Out!! See WHAT She Said!

After nearly a week, controversy has outraged all throughout the internet. The cause? Dove’s failure to understand the political and social complications we live in, as their latest campaign clearly pointed out.

What are the executives and advertisers thinking at Dove? By now tendencies are set by the company to make one commercial even more controversial than the last.

Their latest (failed) attempt on the subject went something like this: a black woman washes herself with a soap so good that it not only cleans her, but changes all the way her skin color to white.

Disregarding how may one read into it, there’s only the boldness or the stupidity from Dove to be appreciated. They SHOULD have known lots of people would be against the ad, even if the white woman washed herself to become an Asian woman instead.

There’s no way this guys didn’t know what they were doing. Publicity stunts like this should never be encouraged, where one cheapens a real life issue, which affects thousands of people, just to get some attention on the internet.

Racism, on the medium, is not an stranger these days. Everyday we’re constantly aware of it: we are being fed on it, and also led to hate on it. There’s not one TV show or movie that gets away from it.

Everyone talks about it: be it about the theme or idea they’re trying to convey, or via the judging of people that may or may haven’t been racist. That’s why it’s a no brainer to judge so harshly on this ad: no one asked for it, and it doesn’t bring anything to this world.

The actresses themselves have been told to stay strangely quiet, even though their contracts clearly have ended as far as shooting a commercial is concerned.

Isn’t it machiavellian to consider that this people are capable of hiring actresses just to put on a show and angry millions, and later buy their silence?

Whether it’s by misfortune or just plain bad intentions, Dove’s executives can only be frowned upon at this point in human history. Hopefully, the brand will someday try and go back to being actually liked at cherished, without stunts. But that day doesn’t seem to come anytime soon.

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