Cow Needs SURGERY To REMOVE THIS! What Even Is That?!!

This cow was getting ready for prom night just when a large red dot appeared on her back: now her handsome boyfriend (Bill the Bull) won’t be seeing her anytime soon, at least, until it’s fully removed.

In all seriousness now, this cow can’t help but to scream and shriek in pain, due to the infection that appeared on her back. A big, red abscess threatens her well-being, so much, that a veterinarian had to use surgical tools to remove. The result is very, very gross, leaving the cow’s back filled with reddish color from the draining of it.

This type of situation isn’t that uncommon in farm animals, and the reaction is just the thing that proves animals are as much (if not more) human than us. But then again, who doesn’t hate pimples?

Those red little dots that appear in our faces, in the place where most people will notice and take note of them; and they always seem to appear right before something important happens, it doesn’t matter if it’s a school photo, a driver’s license or even your marriage! Their only function/objective is to ruin your day, always being aware of that strange new body that appeared the night before.

Thanks to Science, we now have creams that can prevent, mask or completely obliterate this pests from our lives. But how did we fare back in the day? You know it: we popped the suckers. You had to clean it afterwards so it wouldn’t grow again, but sometimes, it did: the result always uncertain.

But one thing was for sure: the thing hurt. And besides that, gross, for the infection leaving your body and the red blood mixed with it were never pleasant.

Yet some people, seemed to LIKE it. They liked the popping, either their own or others. For those people, this is it, the video they’ve been waiting for.

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