27-year-old Anngela Boyle has been given a sentence of 30 years in jail after being convicted of producing child pornography at her house in Michigan. Her husband, Colin Boyle, was sentenced to 60 years behind bars for his part in the creation of the illicit materials. Both parties allegedly pled guilty to their charges.

The couple reportedly snapped photos and video images of four naked children, who were aged from one to nine years old. Anngela informed investigators that she and Colin had sexually abused a little girl, who was only a year old, and a 3-year-old boy multiple times. The Boyles also shared with authorities that they often sent child pornography back and forth to one another on their phones.

Police Chief Jerry Narsh stated that this is one of the worst child exploitation cases he has ever witnessed. He claims that when cases like this come to light, even the most experienced and professional investigators have a difficult time dealing with the details of the crime and the vulnerability of the victims. The community is also often shocked and saddened by the horrors committed.

Two years ago, authorities found out that Colin, a member of the sex offenders registry, was viewing child pornography on the internet. After officials searched his residence, they found his camera that had images of a naked baby. Police believe that the couple’s own kids were involved in some of the pornography.

Anngela Boyle allegedly to detectives that inappropriate images of children are the only things that excite Colin sexually. Colin’s attorney stated that he is a sick man who hears voices and needs to be medicated, but also that he is a talented writer who constructs poems that detail his struggle with depression and his demons.

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