GIANT Rubber Duck EXPLOSION! Find Out WHAT The FU** Happened!

This September 28th a celebration of modern art started in Santiago de Chile, Chile, with two main attractions: gigantic clothes drying in a rope in the middle of the street, and a Giant Rubber Duck sailing the Chilean coasts by the movement of the tide. The event is called “Hecho en Casa Fest Entel”, which is somewhere in between the lines of a DIY festival of some sorts.

But only three days later a disgrace occurred: the rubber animal ran into a post, which pinched and afterwards it deflated it. It was expected to go all the way down the coast to the southernest point of the continent, but now, all there’s left is memory of a once beautiful piece made out of rubber and childish dreams.

In the last 10 years a trend started from the depths of modern art, called the Giant Rubber Duck. An artist, of genius unknown before to man, decided to make one, and set it free to sail our seas, symbolizing… well, what exactly?

It is very easy to make a rubber duck and then set it free, but isn’t it hard to keep them under control afterwards? In such fashion, the purpose of the first one hasn’t been properly connected to the rest of them. Because, there’s been LOTS and LOTS of them.

Either in Japan, Taiwan, Toronto or Chile, Giant Rubber Ducks are keeping our oceans safe, as if it was one giant bathtub, and we the children, entertained by their movement with the tide. They don’t keep our seas or shores safer, but they sure are a comfortable view to behold.

But sometimes, these daring, brave heroes tend to run into problems of their own. Our metaphorical bathtub contains too many pointy, spiky things, which they’ll eventually reach, getting their journey to an end.

Maybe we’ll need to dream of a world with stronger rubber for the ducks to live longer and discover shores no one else has discovered. Or go back to a time where they will be the superior being on Earth. But one thing’s for sure – we shan’t stop loving them!!

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