Infant Babies DIED Because of This! Are Your Children ALSO In DANGER?!

The US Food and Drug Administration has issued advice on baby sleep positioners, sold by eBay, Mothercare, Tesco, and other global markets, urging parents not to use these products anymore, as they had raised concerns about their safety.

Sleep positioners, sometimes referred to as nests, have been proven to be fatal to babies, as they can sometimes cause suffocation. This issue springs from the mechanism of the sleep positioners, they come with supports that are slightly raised so that babies under six months don’t shift when they’re sleep, basically keeping them in a specific position.

The FDA now says this product is deemed dangerous if used to hold an infant on its back or sides. Tesco, a major UK supermarket chain, has now stopped selling the product and made it unavailable in its catalogue, saying it’s a precautionary measure.

Mothercare and eBay followed in Tesco’s footsteps shorty, removing related products and issuing warnings via twitter. Some retailers, like amazon, have yet to take action, and the FDA implores them to stop selling them altogether.

It was reported by the FDA that sleep positioners have been responsible for at least 12 infant deaths in the past 13 years in the US alone.

Their latest statement, made a few years ago, only focused on cautioning parents to properly handle nests and to avoid using them if the baby is over 6 months, but has since shifted to warning them to never use them anymore, saying that over a dozen babies rolled from their sides onto their stomachs and consequently suffocated.

Sleep positioners with foam mattresses also pose greater threat to sleeping infants, as they sink a bit more inside the nest, making it easier to suffocate.The FDA says your best bet if you’re looking for a safe alternative is a bare cot. Bare cots have no reported death-related incidents and as long as the baby stays on its back, there is no threat of suffocation.

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