Turns out these days Jimmy Kimmel Live has become THE show for celebrities to come clean: whether it’s about their past, their love life or controversial decisions towards their careers of which we all want to know just a little bit more.

However this time we got a story just a tad different, with youtube personality telling us about just how harmful can really get his job. It’s the star Logan Paul, brother of Sean Paul, who by no means has it as good as some may think: he may be having the time of his life being famous and receiving all that big money just by being himself.

But there are always surprises to be found at one’s workplace. Turns out his latest, far less dumb than his usual stuff, turned out to be the worst for his health. The skit was that his friend, under a Godzilla suit, would try to push over a table: with him standing on it.

A tiny fall was all it took for Logan Paul to meet every man’s worst nightmare: visiting the hospital, not because of a broken limb, but because of a swollen, hurt testicle. “It looked like an avocado”, he says to Jimmy Kimmel in the video. “I waited three days, did everything I could to stop from going to the doctor”. But even then, the wound was still there, so he had to go and they ended up removing 15% of his ballsack!

Yikes!, but all in all, Logan Paul doesn’t seem anywhere near stopping his career, after all, Logan’s climb to internet stardom started out with ‘challenge videos’, what this means is that he would set on a challenge (which he strongly advises against to his audience), and then commits to it, no matter what the risks are.

As an example, there’s his infamous video where he takes on an alligator suit, and decides to wrestle a real alligator: all in the wild.

And that is perhaps why people like it so much: how raw it is. “There’s no way this is a hoax”, is what most people think when watching for the first time a Logan Paul video.

He has wrestled a bear even. Just like Johnny Knox from “Jackass” used to say: “the idea is that it doesn’t hurt but that it looks really painful”. Yet there are always unforeseeable dangers that both Johnny and Logan had to learn the hard way.

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