Scientists FINALLY DISCOVER The REASON Behind Mona Lisa’s Smile! You Will Be SURPRISED

The most famous painting in the history of human kind – and also, one of the most mysterious to our knowledge. Except from a few select people in history, that were there at the time or shortly after, the details about the making of the Mona Lisa are as obscure as they come. The painter, a renowned renaissance man called Leonardo Da Vinci, never specified who he got to pose for such a masterpiece.

But alas, not all of history remains hidden forever; taking into account many coincidences regarding time and place, people started to fit together pieces of the puzzle. So much that, at one point, it was thought the Mona Lisa was Da Vinci himself, in a cross-dress self-portrait that would last for eternity.

However, historians have found a much more rich origin for the model, one that implies Leonardo copied from a sketch, made by another artist called Lorenzo Buontsinimo. The sketch has nothing to do with the Mona Lisa besides the face; the artistic, intrinsic value of the making, it all goes to Da Vinci and his talents. And there is but one little detail that keeps this theory from spreading: Lorenzo’s sketch was… a NUDE!!

Leonardo couldn’t let his muse to go into history undressed, but now, the king is finally naked, as well as the Mona Lisa. Why did he choose to do this? It is difficult to tell, but we’re happy to provide a theory.

Da Vinci was a Renaissance man, which, means more than just the time of his birth and active life. It’s a way of working and studying, where one dedicates oneself to knowledge and art, employing all your ability’s in fields of engineering, math, chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, but also art: painting, theater, literature, music, sculpting.

Da Vinci even made the first drafts of helicopters, war machines, musical instruments that only with our current technology have been brought to existence out of paper.

As he used everything he could to make the best out of life, he could’ve taken the drawing from the far less known Lorenzo, and improving it in such a way, that there were no signs left of the thing that was before, leaving only his talent spilled all over the canvas; just as he used laws of physics to design his machines, to create an idea that was far more beautiful and exciting: for example, flying in an aircraft, where one flaps his arms and soars through the air.

This is why the Mona Lisa, even if copied, is still one of the greatest of all time.

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