Sam Smith Spotted With 13 Reasons Why ACTOR! Is This An AFFAIR?!!

The ‘I’m not the only one’ singer Sam Smith, also Oscar winner for the James Bond song ‘writing’s on the walls’ was spotted a few days ago walking in the West Village Streets in NY wrapped in Brandon Flynn’s arms. This handsome guy is a famous actor known for his character in the Netflix sensation series ’13 Reasons Why’ where he interpreted Justin Foley, one of the reasons Hannah decided to end her life.

Sam Smith never declared himself gay, he kind of became famous with that fact in public domain. Apart from that the famous Britain Singer is happy about his decisions and accepts himself just the way he is. Brandon Flynn, in the other hand declared himself part of the LGBT+ community just last September 17th, only two weeks before being seen with Sam, through an Instagram post.

The couple were very confident and shown themselves very sweet with each other. They even kissed in front of the paparazzi’s cameras. According to some information they both dined at the seafood restaurant CTCH NYC to later have some drinks and dancing at CATCH NYC Rooftop.

Not so long ago, Smith admitted that he was “insanely single” during an interview with Zane Lowe. Where he informed that his failures in relationships have made him way stronger than how he was. He also, once shared in an interview for E news that he had never had a boyfriend and that his relationships had never gotten to the serious level.

In spite of the failure love life of Smith, Flynn and him were liking each other’s pictures on Instagram. We still are not sure of when these sweethearts’ paths crossed but we are sure that soon enough Sam Smith will be changing his status for the first time.

Brandon is preparing himself for the second season of 13 Reason’s why, and after leaving the closet, we are sure he feels more than happy and comfortable to let people know his love story with Sam.

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