These People’s Lives Were SAVED Thanks To SOCIAL MEDIA! Find Out HOW It Happened!

Asciende a 286 número de víctimas mortales por el terremoto en México

Social networks have become in one of the most popular means of communication in the past years. Users are often criticized for spending too much time using their smartphones, but the case is that exactly because they were using them, they got their lives saved after terrible accidents by using social media.

A 16-year-old surfer from Bayview used Whatsapp to tell his mom he had fallen down an embankment. Thanks to this message, his mother had the chance to raise the alarm and the young man was rescued within a few hours. Mark was taken to the hospital and treated for hip injury and some lacerations to his right eye. He’s expected to be fully recovered soon.

In the other hand a depressed policeman from Bengaluru, decided to end his life and sent his suicide note through a Whatsapp group he had with his friends and family. They immediately contacted the police station and a group of them headed his home before he could do what he meant to.

Diana Pacheco, a 31-year-old bachelorette in Business Administration got trapped in the Alvaro Obregon Building, located in Mexico City during an earthquake. Her husband received a Whatsapp message at 6 in the morning from her. She sent him her location.

He immediately let the rescuers know about this and they began moving the debris in the specific location she sent. Half an hour later she was rescued and taken to the hospital.

As well as Diana, Paulino Estrada Villegas, an Accountant from Tequixquiac, who worked in the 4th floor too, couldn’t make it out of the building before it went down. A woman called Cecilia recognized him in a Facebook post that reported him as missing and decided to text him through WhatsApp to see if he was ok.

To her surprise he read the message and called her back through FaceTime. Thank to this call, where Cecilia could see anything but debris, this man had the chance to be rescued and his family could finally breath after knowing he was still alive.

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