Woman KILLS Her Daughter And Sends The Father PICTURES of The Body Through WHATSAPP! Find Out WHY!!

After killing her 7-year-old daughter, Sabina Davalos sent a picture of the girl’s dead body to her grandmother and father. She affirmed to feel repulsion and intense hate for her daughter because she was very similar to her father. Sabina even tried to suffocate the infant the previous night with a pillow.

This horrible crime took place in Curuguaty, Paraguay, specifically in the neighborhood of “Cerro de Cora”, Canindeyú. The infant was hung from the ceiling in her own home. According to the grandmother, the threats began two days before, when Sabina tried to suffocate the girl with a pillow.

Mrs. Elida asked the sister of Sabina to check on her little granddaughter, but she denied because she knew her sister wasn’t capable of doing such a thing. Fortunately, Sabina’s brother in law listened to Elida and brought down the door of Sabina’s home to find the body of the 7 year old girl.

“Did you see the picture?” asked Sabina to her Ex-husband when she called him and he didn’t answer the phone call. “Check your Whatsapp, now I’, going to cut the cables around her neck and lay her down in her bed” This was part of the conversation this sick woman had with Mrs. Elida after sending her the pictures of her dead daughter.

“She even told me that she was going to make my granddaughter drink 60 pills days before actually ending her life and I didn’t believe her!” replied the very affected grandma.

Sabina resulted to be depressed because her ex-husband had gotten married two years ago and she never overcame him. She said he was going to cry as much as she did for him. After hanging the girl, the mother drank an overdose of anti-depressive pills, failing her plan when the cops found her and took her to the hospital, where she survived.

This monster is now in in the 5th Commissary of Curuguaty, waiting for her condemn and trial. The family is now devastated because of this terrible event and hope that Sabina spends the rest of her life behind the bars.

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