American TEEN MODEL Sells Her VIRGINITY For 3,000,000! Find Out WHO Bought It!!


Ladies, just like selling your favorite pair of stilettos online, did you know that you could easily sell your virginity too to the highest bidder? Well, apparently, you can, and women all over the globe are doing it.

Back in the days, virginity was one of the most important things a woman should have when getting married.

Nowadays, that doesn’t matter anymore. In fact, it has become the easiest way to raise quick money.

Giselle, 19, an American teenager has just proven this right by selling her virginity to an Abu Dhabi’s business tycoon at a whopping $3million!

She met her ‘virginity buyer’ in Cinderella Escorts, a German-based website, popular for hooking up women, who are willing to sell their virginity, with potential buyers.

The auctioning site is run by Jan Zakobielski, a 27-year-old youngster based in Dortmund, where he enjoys 20% of the agreed figure.

Speaking to the Independent, Giselle says that she intends to use the money to pay her university tuition fees.

She adds that she had not expected the bid to rise so high to hit the 2.5 million Euros mark. Thus, to her, scooping 3 million dollars was a dream come true.

According to Giselle, selling of virginity is a sign of freedom. She does not actually agree with the sexologists who view the whole exercise as a loss of respect and dignity in a woman.

The American model argues that every woman should be allowed to choose who she wants to spend her first time with. Whether it is her first love or not, the decision should be left entirely to a woman.

Giselle will be leaving for Abu Dhabi with a security escort to meet the business tycoon. Here, someone will pay her a fortune for having totally and absolutely no experience!

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