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Ex-Wife of FAMOUS Basketball Player Charged With His MURDER! YOU Will Be SURPRISED By Her MOTIVE!

In 2010, Lorenzen Wright, a professional basketball player, was gunned down on a golf course and left to die. Now, after seven years of investigating, police believe they have tracked down his killer.

Sherra Wright-Robinson has been arrested in connection with the murder of her former husband. A previous church deacon and landscaper, Billy Turner, has also been arrested for the killing.

On the night that Lorenzen Wright was shot and killed, his ex-wife claims that he left their home with a stash of drugs and money. She reportedly stated that she did not know where he was going or who he was meeting. In a 911 recording taken shortly before he was killed, you can hear Wright asking for police assistance, followed by the sound of gunfire.

His dead body was not found until a week and a half later and when police finally recovered it, it had decomposed so much he was unrecognizable.

Police have been investigating the case of Lorenzen Wright’s murder for over seven years. In November, the located a firearm in a lake not far away from where Wright’s body was found. They traced the gun back to former church deacon, Billy Turner, and brought him in for questioning.

It is there that he confessed to playing a part in Wright’s murder. He also named Sherra Wright-Robinson as one of his accomplices.

Authorities and Wright’s family believe that his ex-wife wanted to kill the successful basketball player so she could claim the substantial life insurance policy that Wright had taken out on himself. Though Wright-Robinson denies this claim, police believe that she promised Turner a portion of the money if he helped her get rid of Lorenzen Wright.

The Wright family have expressed their gratefulness that their son’s killers have now been found and locked away. They say that though they miss their loved one each and every day, he can now rest peacefully.

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