Father BREAKS DOZENS of His Baby’s BONES! YOU WON’T Believe WHY He Got Such A SHORT Sentence!

Richard Root is accused of abusing his infant daughter which resulted in the small child having bleeding on the brain and suffering from 20 broken bones in her body. A trial ensued, and Root was eventually sentenced for his horrific actions. You won’t believe the laughable sentence he received from the judge.

Root was given six months behind bars, seven years of probation and will be forced to attend counseling sessions and child care classes. He will also be able to continue to see his daughter with permission and supervision.

In court, Root told the judge that he feels nothing but remorse for what he did to his daughter. He says that he knows a father’s role to take care of his kids and make sure they are safe, but he failed to do his job. He also apologized to his wife and family for the pain he inflicted upon them.

Authorities say that they believe the ruling in this case is fair because it is obvious that Root is willing to change his behavior and work on his temper to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again. They also say that the entire family will be better off if Root is not behind bars for years on end. They did reveal, however, that if he breaks his probation at any point, he will be sent back to prison for a lengthier stint.

Richard Root allegedly told police that he lost his temper while taking care of his newborn daughter because she would not stop crying. He shared that he was exhausted and attempted to get the baby to stop crying by shaking her as hard as he could. He also told authorities that the reason the baby had broken bones in her legs was because he knelt on them while he was changing her diaper.

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