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George Zimmerman Says He Will FIGHT This FAMOUS RAPPER If He Makes A MOVIE About Him! You WILL Be Surprised By WHAT He Did!

George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin back in 2012 while the unarmed teenager was walking home from a gas station. After a highly-public and controversial trial, Zimmerman was cleared of all charges, an action that resulted in a nationwide debate about racism.

Now, years after Zimmerman was acquitted, the discussion about race-based killings rages on. Recently, rapper Jay-Z purchased the rights to create a documentary about Trayvon Martin’s life and death. He is also working on creating a movie about Martin that will be released in theaters.

George Zimmerman is clearly not pleased with the news about the films being made, because he took to social media and various news outlets to threaten the rapper. He alleges that people who are working on creating the movies have been hanging around his family’s homes and trying to force them to speak about the killing that took place. He allegedly said that if Jay-Z doesn’t get his workers to leave his family alone, he will beat him up and then have his body savaged by animals.

Jay-Z has not responded to these comments yet, but one his friends has. Snoop Dogg has also taken to social media to tell George Zimmerman that if any harm comes to Jay-Z, he and everyone who supports Trayvon Martin’s family will come after him. He said that Zimmerman got away with murder once, but he won’t be so lucky a second time around.

Zimmerman has previously threatened other rappers, like DMX, who arranged a boxing match between the pair, but Zimmerman backed out last minute. He has also been arrested for beating his girlfriend multiple times since he was found not guilty of murder. It looks like it’s only a matter of time before Zimmerman winds up behind bars. For some, soon is not fast enough.

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