This MAN Organized His Own BABY PREGNANCY SHOOT, Find Out WHY!

While pregnancy is usually a mom’s job, there are various ways you as the partner can help her carry the load. Actually, it’s more fun that way. Besides, it took the two of you to start this journey!

Truth be told, no man can possibly relate to the second-by-second, close-to-the-heart reality of getting pregnant and carrying the baby to term.

However, one 26-year-old Nick Roberts decided to change this norm when he learnt that his girlfriend, Brianna was pregnant.

Nick decided to do a maternity shoot featuring him and shared it on his Facebook page, an idea that was introduced to him by his friend Stephen Cwiok.

And just like most men would, Nick was hesitant of the idea at first, but he later agreed to it and chose Stephen to be his personal photographer.

The day of the shoot came and Stephen picked Nick from his house and proceeded to the shooting site. Nick was not pregnant remember- there was no way he could ever be pregnant!

Therefore, the two friends had to come up with a way to get a baby bump. They proceeded to McDonald’s where Nick had a ridiculous amount of food, and just like that, Nick had himself a baby bump, well, a food baby!

The photoshoot took two hours. First, because Stephen had to capture all the important elements of a maternity setting and second, because the two friends couldn’t stop laughing at this whole thing. The latter made the shoot even more difficult.

Curious about what happened to the photos afterwards? Nick decided to show them off at the gender-revealing occasion of his actual baby.

Nick and Stephen placed the album on a quiet table, sat back and watched. When the first person noticed the album and flipped it, he laughed uncontrollably which attracted a lot of attention and people started surrounding the table. Their mission was accomplished!

Nick’s baby boy was born on Halloween and together with Brianna, they plan to show the photos to the boy once he is old enough to handle the surprise.

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