New York TEEN Used Her LAST Moments To Say The NAME of Her KILLER! You Won’t BELIEVE Who’s To BLAME!

Nothing is terrifying like being called a murderer of a crime you didn’t commit, could the 25-year-old Taariq Stephens have killed Shemel Mercurius? The girl named this man as the one who attacked her and then charged by the court with second-degree murder. She said that on her last breathe before she died.

As she explained to the officers who came to her rescue, she said that Taariq wanted to be her boyfriend, but she refused which prompted him to shoot her three times. She had not inhaled her last breathe because she was waiting for the ambulance to come.

Charged with possession of a weapon and second-degree murder for killing a 16-year-old girl. Stephens can know the victim when they met at child care center and exchanged contacts.

When the killing happened, Shemel was with her 3-year-old cousin. When the police arrived at the scene of the crime, they found the little boy who Shemel was a babysitting covered in blood and crying terribly.

She was taken by the ambulance 20 minutes after the call and taken to Kings County Hospital where she died after an hour after numerous test.

When the killer’s attorney was called by the People’s, he didn’t answer the call. He claims that he will prove his client’s innocence and is working hard to determine that. He also said he would provide evidence to prove his client’s innocence in the next hearing set for in a week time.

The shooting occurred around 6:30 Pm Brooklyn time. The jury will decide if the accused will serve a 25-year life in prison or he is innocent. Could Stephens be honest and the killer of Mercurius be out there enjoying freedom, all this will determine in the next hearing.

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