PLAYBOY RABBIT And Former Roommate of Melania Trump REVEALED A GREAT SECRET About The First Lady of The US! Find Out WHAT It Is!

Victoria Sylvester, the former roommate of Melanie Trump, is a person who knows the current first lady of the United States very well. Victoria knows Melania very long before the beautiful Slovene to became world famous.

This Swedish fashion model, who in 1997 won the title “Playboy Playmate of the Year”, was living that year with Melanie in the world’s biggest fashion city – Paris. Both of them came up as young models in Paris with a desire to make successful careers like models.

Victoria recently discovered a secret which Melania never wanted to comment about in public. She explained why Melanie’s English is something she always ridiculed about, given that she has a strong Balkan accent, as she came from Slovenia yesterday, reports Page Six.

The former roommate of the first lady of United States is convinced that this is credited to Melania’s character in which her shame often dominates.

“She never wanted attention, she was always very quiet and ashamed,” she said, “if she had spoken to people more often and used the English language, her accent would have been certainly more improved, but she simply did not want to try.”

Former roommates met and talked last year, and Victoria concluded that Melanie had not changed at all.

“It’s still the same. She still wants luxury things, and still she has that terrible accent,” she said.

Yet, Victoria still hopes that Melania will bring back the sexy charm to Washington.

“She’s also a very classy dresser. Not that the White House hasn’t always been glamorous, but she’s definitely a style icon. She always looks amazing. I know that designers probably already do want to dress her, but I would imagine they’re all going to want to dress her she’s so beautiful and graceful.” – Victoria said.

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