POLICE Believe This Woman Was KILLED By Her DOGS. Her Friends Think OTHERWISE! Find Out WHAT Exactly Happened!!

The body of Bethany Stephens was discovered in the woods near her home by her father who became worried after she did not return from walking her dogs. Her body had been ravaged by the two dogs that she kept as pets and loved dearly.

When Stephens’ corpse was discovered, the two pit bulls were allegedly standing over the body, almost as if they were trying to protect it. Stephens’ dad reportedly first thought the dogs had killed an animal, but quickly realized that was not the case.

When police arrived at the scene, they noted marks on Stephens’ body that indicated she had fought against the dogs to try and get them to back off her. Authorities allege that the dogs pulled her to the ground and then attacked her until she was dead. The most brutal injuries were to her neck and head.

Many people who were friends with Stephens and who had interacted with the dogs before said that they have no clue what would have made the dogs turn so quickly and violently on their owner.

Some people believe that the dogs could have been attempting to protect their owner from another animal or person, and that it wasn’t actually the pit bulls who killed her. One friend of the family even noted that it appeared to her like the cage where the pit bulls were kept looked like it had been pried open.

After several days of investigation, police have decided to declare that Bethany Stephens was murdered by her dogs. They state that no further investigations will be carried out and that there is no reason to believe that this was any other kind of crime.

The two pit bulls will be put down within the next few weeks. Some people, however, still hold firm that the dogs might be innocent.

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