REVEALED – Here Is The NASTY REASON Why Kim Kardashian Is PUSHING Kendall Jenner To Befriend Cindy Crawford’s Daughter, Kaia Gerber!

There is another match of BFFs we can’t get enough of! Keeping Up With The Kardashian Star Kendall Jenner, 22, and Cindy Crawford’s daughter Kaia Gerber, 26. The pair was spotted out together on Dec. 13 and we are as of now planning to see many photos of them together! Also, fans are  now figuring out how this newly developing sisterhood happened.

According to a close source, the game has being cooked by non other than Kim Kardashian. Kim is reportedly pushing his younger sister Kendall Jenner to “take Kaia Gerber under her wing,” Kim Kardashian adores Kaia’s mom, the 51 year old American model and actress Cindy Crawford.

Cindy’s daughter Kaia who has just joined the modelling scene seems to have earned some massive fame over a short period of time. And by this, we all know; just hanging out with a member from the Kardashian clan! Kim is advising Kendall to assist the wannabe model.

Modelling is as easy and sweet as it sounds. Kendall had a hard time at first on the grounds that alternate models were not pleasant to her. She doesn’t want Kaia to have that same experience, she’s exceptionally defensive of her.

The source went ahead to include that, for Kendall Jenner , helping Kaia is likewise a savvy business move! But on the other hand there’s a ulterior rationale. Kim is persuading  Kendall that remaining nearby to Kaia will profit Kendall’s modelling profession over the long haul as well.

Everybody knows Kaia will be a noteworthy power in the modelling world and Kim Kardashian feels  it’s shrewd for Kendall to be associated with her. It’s a total win!

The new BFFs were spotted joyfully walking around Beverly Hills together! What else is sweeter than new friends day out? They snatched lunch at Nat’n Al Delicatessen and afterward did some shopping at the swanky boutiques close-by. The two models rocked crop tops that gave us a glimpse of their insane tummies!

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