Many people refrain from putting their children in public school. Recent news has worried new parents so bad, they’re not sure if their child should ever be in public. Why put them in harm’s way when it’s possible to keep an eye on them ALL THE TIME?

It’s all well and good to want to make sure your child is okay every second of the day, but that is not healthy for them either. As much as parents want to keep their children in the nest, letting them out and experiencing is part of their emotional and social growth.

Letting children out into the world should come with a bit of caution since one never knows where the danger will come from.

You’ve had a bad day at work, right? Ever been so upset to the point you’ve been tempted to destroy property at the location where you work? In my past food service position I’ve been tempted to destroy a box of 50 taco shells and dump ground beef straight into the trash just to make a point. I refrained from such action because I cared about keeping my job, and knew how it would make my coworker look if I did.

For others, like a security guard in Brazil, getting fired was all it took for him to behave like a psycho straight out of a horror movie. He decided that his termination was enough to go on what has to be one of the worst massacres to happen in the country of Brazil

Without provocation, the man decided to get revenge on the school he was fired from. With what was only publicly labeled “alcohol,” he proceeded to douse an occupied classroom and set it ablaze. The fire nearly consumed the entire building, killing over 5 children and their teacher.

More than 50 others were injured in the blaze before fire rescue arrived and successfully snuffed out the fire.

Ironically, the man who started the flames died as a result of injuries sustained by the very thing he caused. Think he got what he deserved?

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