Animals ESCAPE From The Atlanta Zoo, City FLOODED With ALL Kinds of DANGEROUS & VICIOUS Creatures!

Atlanta, Georgia is recovering today after a mass outbreak of animals happened at Zoo Atlanta. According to reports, a worker forgot to lock one of the humming bird cages, which resulted in a flock of escaped birds flying around the zoo, unpicking locks and releasing a variety of other animals out into the public.

Police are still attempting to wrangle up some of the critters that escaped, such as a Boa Constrictor and several snapping turtles, but the most dangerous animals that got out have been safely brought back to their enclosures.

Witnesses who were at the zoo when the majority of the animals escaped told reporters that it was like a scene out of Jumanji with alligators and cheetahs running amuck and terrifying everyone. As the animals made their way out into the streets of Atlanta, pedestrians were trampled by pigs and rhinos, but somehow no one was badly injured in the utter chaos.

Authorities spent 13 hours tracking down the escaped creatures and even went as far as to put out a city-wide warning urging Atlanta residents to stay inside for as long possible because it was unknown just exactly which animals from the zoo had made their great escape.

However, people took to the streets in hoards hoping to catch one of the animals on camera, so they could post it to their Snapchat and Instagram stories.

The worker that is at the center of this security breach has since been suspended from her position as hummingbird feeder. She will have to forgo a rigorous investigation to determine whether or not she will be let go from her position. There will also be a trial to determine if she will be forced to pay for all of the repairs that the zoo now needs, as well as any repairs that need to be done in the city.

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