Drug addiction is a serious problem in the United States. Individuals who have experienced it know that when your mind is altered by drugs, it’s hard to see the damage you’re doing to yourself and everyone around you. Chances are you are friends with or related to someone who is addicted to some kind of drug. Heavy use of the majority of heavy drugs almost always cause a drastic change in appearance.

I’ve struggled with this myself with over-the-counter medicine. It was the drowsiness that I felt a need for. At times, I would simply ingest a handful of enough pills to make me so exhausted, all I could do was sleep. When I did this, I would wake up the next day tired, even after sleeping for 10 hours. I thankfully had enough willpower to stop myself from continuing such destructive behavior.

When we have children, they are supposed to be our lives. It is our duty as their parents that we shield and protect them from the world while we can. They can then grow up with a more positive outlook on life, and hopefully spread that attitude to others.

There are dozens of documented cases all over the United States of newborns, and toddlers testing positive for illegal substances. Social turmoil has ensued because of the issue, some citing that licenses should be required for those wishing to start a family. They believe that it would help curb abuse, neglect, and endangerment cases, but the other side disagrees and says such actions would only cause more problems.

Two parents in Anaheim, CA, are accused of possession of an illegal substance, child endangerment, and child neglect. Neighbors had called authorities, concerned for the well-being of the pair’s 6-month child, stating that they smelled something terrible coming from the couple’s apartment.

It turned out that the happy couple were heavy meth users. The child was taken into protective custody, and upon medical examination, the 6-month old had tested positive for meth. Authorities are seeking the maximum sentence in this case, and hope it will set precedence in prosecuting future cases.

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