Best Friends Are REUNITED After 37 YEARS! Then They Both PASS AWAY On The SAME DAY!

Two men, 86-year-old Richard Franks and 83-year-old William Simpson, were reunited after not seeing each other for over 37 years. The two became best friends while they were working at a car factory in New Jersey during the late 1970s.

They became inseparable, going on family vacations together and having dinner at each other’s houses at least two times a week. Then, Simpson got a job offer that would take him across the country and the two men would end up not speaking to each other for almost four decades.

William Simpson packed up his wife and two kids in the early 80s and travelled all the way to California to start his new life. Leaving Richard Franks was a very tough thing for him to do, Simpson’s daughter reveals, but he knew that it was the right thing for his family.

Franks and Simpson agreed to call each other at least once a week, and that happened for the first few months, but eventually calls became few and far between. Both men allegedly just chocked it up to having busy lives, but they both always wondered how the other was doing.

Then, 37 years had passed and both men were into their 80s and happily retired.Simpsons,daughter had always wanted to reunite her father with his best friend, so for his 83rd birthday she decided she was going to try and make it happen.

She looked up Franks’ son on Facebook and they began communicating. He revealed that his father often spoke about Simpson and that he would do anything he could to get them to reunite one last time. So, a plan was devised to fly Richard Franks out to California.

When Franks strolled into William Simpson’s birthday party, there was not a dry eye in the house. The two old pals embraced each other and spent the entire day catching up on 37 years of missed friendship and reminiscing on the old days. Franks spent a week with Simpson in California, and when it was time to leave they vowed to remain in contact every day for the rest of their lives. This was a vow they both abided by until one fateful day.

About six weeks after Simpson’s party, his daughter received a phone call from Frank’s son informing her that his father had passed away in his sleep. Shocked and devastated, Simpson’s daughter revealed to him that her father had also passed away during the night.

The families decided to hold a joint funeral in New Jersey and ended up burying the best friends side by side in their hometown cemetery. Though their families are saddened by their great losses, they are thrilled that they two men now get to spend the rest of eternity together.

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