Man SLICES OFF Wife’s Hands! His Reason WHY Will SHOCK You!

Dmitry Grachyov took his wife out into the middle of nowhere and tortured her after finding messages on her phone from another man. He believed that she was cheating on him and wanted to punish her for her unfaithfulness.

Allegedly, Grachyov drove his wife into the woods and began hitting her hands with an axe while trying to force her into confessing her affair. After his wife, Margarita, refused to admit to anything, he then cut off one of her hands. After more attempts at getting her to say that she was cheating on him resulted in no confession, he cut off her other hand.

He then put her back in the car and drove her to the nearest hospital where he turned himself in to authorities. Margarita underwent an extensive surgery to have her hands reattached, but only one had was in a good enough condition for the procedure to work. She is currently recovering in hospital and has stated that she wants a divorce from her husband.

Grachyov remains behind bars and has expressed his remorse for torturing his wife. He states that even if she was having an affair behind his back, cutting off her hands was not the right thing to do. He is facing many years behind bars for the vicious attack on his wife and mother of his children.

Those who know the couple have expressed differing thoughts on their relationship. Some of their friends say they are shocked because the couple always appeared to be so in love and caring toward one another. Others state that Margarita had expressed on several occasions that she wanted to take her kids and leave her husband because he was abusive towards her.

It has been revealed that the man who sent the text message that started the whole situation was one of Margarita’s coworkers. However, it is not known if there was actually anything going on between the two of them.

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