PREGNANT MOTHER Sends One of Her KIDS To The HOSPITAL! Wait Until You Find Out WHAT She DID!

Sacil Lucero has been arrested and accused of abusing her children after one of her year-old twins was placed in critical care at a local hospital. The mother of four young children, soon to be five, was immediately taken into custody after she brought her daughter to the hospital when she was found unconscious.

Allegedly, Lucero told police that her daughter had fallen while playing in the bathroom and that is how she acquired her injuries. However, she ultimately confessed to police that she was the one who had inflicted the abuse on her child. In fact, she told authorities that she had been abusing her kids ever since she was told she was pregnant again. Her two older children were not abused, but the two young twins had visible signs of abuse.

The twin boy was taken to a medical facility and examined. It was discovered that he was suffering from a fractured skull. He also remains in hospital, while Lucero’s other kids are now in the care of their father. Once the twins are release from hospital, they will be placed in the care of a relative, as well.

Lucero has not yet expressed why she singled out her twins over the other two kids. One can assume that she became overwhelmed knowing that she was pregnant, as well as having to take care of two infants on top of another two kids, but that is not an excuse. If found guilty, Lucero could be sentenced to several years behind bars and may lose custody of her children.

Her family has spoken out about her actions and stated that they are shocked that she would treat her children in such a brutal manner. They stated that she must be suffering from a severe mental breakdown because she loves her kids and would never normally hurt anyone, let alone her own children.

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