Woman Stores Her DEAD Dogs In The FREEZER! You WON’T BELIEVE WHAT The POLICE Found Throughout The Rest of Her House!

Victoria Kanger has been arrested on charges of child abuse and neglect after police discovered her residence to be riddled with bodily excrement and a variety of bugs. Police also found the bodies of Kanger’s three dead dogs in the home’s freezer. The woman’s two young daughters lived in the filthy home with her.

When police entered the residence, they were instantly covered with cockroaches and fleas. One of the young children pointed them in the direction of where her mom kept the dead dogs. When they opened the freezer door, they found a mass of plastic tarps and blood. Allegedly, she told authorities that the dogs were in the freezer because she hadn’t had time to bury them in the backyard.

Police were allegedly informed about the condition of the home by a woman dating the father of one of the young girls. She reportedly told officials that the youngest daughter has been suffering with lice for almost a year. She also told them that the kids are constantly stepping in animal poop and no one washes it off, so it just gets spread throughout the rest of the house.

Kanger’s friend has come to her defense and claims that Kanger has been suffering with an illness for the past few months. She alleges that Kanger has barely been able to get out of bed, let alone clean her home and take care of her pets. The friend believes that the charges against Kanger are unnecessary and that she and Kanger’s family are more than willing to step in to clean up the home and make it more livable.

Victoria Kanger’s two daughters have been removed from her care and are now being looked after by a relative. If Kanger is found guilty, she may spend some time behind bars.

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