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Woman In YouTube STUNT GONE WRONG Receives JAIL Time! Find Out What She DID To Her BOYFRIEND!

Monalisa Perez has been sentenced to six months in jail after accidentally shooting her boyfriend while filming a YouTube video. Perez, who was carrying his baby when she killed him, was initially looking at a sentence of up to 10 years behind bars.

Perez shot and killed Pedro Ruiz III while they were filming a video that they thought was going to go viral on YouTube. Allegedly, the premise of the video was Perez shooting a gun at a book that that Ruiz was holding against his stomach. According to reports, the couple often did crazy stunts on their channel in the hope that it would attract more people to watch their videos and they could make a career out of it.

Reportedly, two cameras were set up to film the stunt. The gun used by Perez has been named as one of the most powerful firearms by its manufacturer. When Perez shot the gun at her boyfriend, the bullet flew through the book and hit Ruiz in his abdomen. Allegedly, their toddler daughter witnessed the entire incident.

Monalisa Perez has maintained all along that the idea to play with the gun was her boyfriend’s. She says that the entire event was a horrific accident that she will have to live with for the rest of her life. She also states that she is heartbroken that her two kids will now have to grow up without having their father.

Ruiz’s family agreed to Perez’s sentencing before it was handed down to her. They say that they know the incident was a complete accident, but that they believe someone must pay the price for the fact that Pedro Ruiz III lost his life in such a tragic way at such a young age with some much life ahead of him and two children to raise.

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