DEADLY Bees FOUND In Mexico Are TERRIFYING People! What They Did WILL TERRIFY YOU As Well!!

Just yesterday, September 27 of 2017, blood-thirsty bees didn’t fail to bring a man’s life to an end: to a Jornalero, to be more specific. His name was Gustavo Castañeda Ojeda, and he was a father figure and a beloved person in Asientos, his hometown.

47 year old, living in San Padre, he lived the life of a simple man, doing his best to provide for his family and contribute to the community, taking on the job of the Jornalero, the kind of job where a man does about anything he’s asked to do, just in exchange of some money to get by another day in a regular town in the countryside of Mexico.

He was attending a funeral, and walking through dense woods found in many parts in all of the country, home to many species of insects, animals and even some large mammals, such as jaguars, brightly colored birds, chameleons and a great deal of insects, a lot of which are actually poisonous, and are known to attack people in large groups, leaving victims no option to escape, and thus die.

Walking home he found his death, with no one to hear him fall in the middle of the green forest. Just like a tree falling, he could’ve yelled for hours on and on without anyone listening to him, until another Jornalero, neighbor of the already decaying man, found him lying in the floor, agonizing, with swarms of bees flying on top of his carcass.

These deadly bees are known as Hymenoptera, with the ability to sting a few dozen times before their poison and they die out. Their poison also has the ability to paralyze their victims, leaving them no choice but to choke out and receive a thousand needles piercing through their skin.

Finally, it were the firefighters, along with the beekeepers from around town the ones to save the man’s body, and give it to his wife and children, who will celebrate a funeral in his honor, but not before checking for traces of deadlier poison, so that the population of Mexico can be warned.

Truly, horrifying news coming from Mexico’s countryside.

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