Kylie Jenner SECRETLY Reunited With EX. She IS PREGNANT TOO?!!

At the age of twenty, Kylie Jenner recently announced that she is over four months pregnant with her boyfriend rapper Travis Scott’s baby. While Jenner maintains that the pregnancy was unexpected, she claims to be excited over the prospect of motherhood.

On the outside, she appears calm, yet sources have revealed Jenner is internally struggling with doubts as to the father’s true identity. These doubts have spurred a hush-hush reunion with her ex-boyfriend, Tyga.

Jenner’s doubts are not unfounded, as the timing is certainly suspect. Jenner has only been dating Scott for a little over five months, which would mean that she became pregnant in the very beginning stages of their relationship. Likewise, Jenner and Tyga split only a short time before she met Scott. This makes it entirely possible that she was already pregnant when the former couple split.

Upon learning of Jenner’s pregnancy, Tyga immediately knew that there was a chance that he was the true father of the baby. As it turned out, Jenner had her doubts as well, and the couple secretly met to discuss possible options.

A source close to the former couple says that there will almost certainly be a paternity test preformed after the baby is born. It is unknown whether or not Jenner and Tyga have discussed rekindling their nearly three-year romance, as she seems to be very happy with Scott.

“Tyga still has a lot of feelings for Kylie,” a source reports. “The breakup was difficult, and I’m not sure they’re willing to try to make it happen again. But if she is pregnant with his child, then Tyga wants to be there. He wants to be a part of his child’s life, whether he’s with Kylie or not.”

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