Man Claims Taylor Swift Told Him To ATTACK A STRANGER! His DELUSIONS Didn’t STOP There!

A homeless man in Oregon was arrested after he allegedly chased after a person walking past him and attempted to attack the man with a pair of scissors. It is believed that the homeless man’s intent was to kill. When police arrived at the scene, they arrested the man and brought him in for questioning. What he revealed to them surprised everyone.

The man, Brent Thicksten, told authorities that he attacked the stranger because pop superstar Taylor Swift has instructed him to do so. He also informed officers that Taylor was his soulmate and wife. At that moment, police knew they were dealing with a mentally ill person and their next step was to try and get him the help he needs.

Allegedly, on the night of the attack, the victim and Thicksten engaged in some sort of verbal confrontation. The victim told authorities that he was trying to get away from the homeless man because he was freaking him out.

When he started to walk away, Thicksten came charging after him with a pair of scissors which he attempted to stab the man with multiple times. Luckily, the victim was only scratched once with the weapon and did not require any hospital treatment.

Brent Thicksten has previously been arrested for stealing construction equipment and driving it through the center of town. Reportedly, his excursion caused major damage to buildings and roadwork. He also been in trouble for stealing and using drugs.

Brent Thicksten is currently still in custody while he awaits trial for the charges brought up against him. If convicted he may face some jail time, but he also may plead insanity and end up getting treatment at a psychiatric facility that will hopefully help him sort out any of the mental issues he seems to be suffering with.

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