Mother SHOOTS SON, Then FAILS To Commit SUICIDE. WHY Did She Do It?!

Alyssa Pettibone has been arrested after she allegedly shot her two-year-old son, Hudson, to death. She then attempted to commit suicide by stabbing herself, but was unsuccessful. She is currently in jail and police believe that she may be suffering from some serious mental illnesses.

Police arrived at the crime scene after a neighbor had heard a gunshot coming out of the Pettibone residence. Upon entering the home, the discovered the toddler dead in a pool of his own blood. Alyssa was off to the side also covered in blood. Police quickly realized that she was also injured and transported her to a local hospital for treatment.

Once Alyssa was given the all clear, she was taken into custody and questioned by officials about what happened on the night her son was killed. Reportedly, Alyssa was unable to give them a straight answer and kept mumbling things to herself. This prompted police to believe that she is mentally unwell.

Police have yet to determine a motive for the little boy’s death, but they are positive that it was not an accident. They are also adamant that Alyssa was the one who pulled the trigger and killed her young son.

Neighbors who live near the Pettibone’s have stated that they are astounded at the tragedy that has taken place in their community. Some neighbors said they witnessed Alyssa being taken out of the home and placed in an ambulance, and when they asked what was going on police informed them that they were not currently searching for a suspect. Because of this, many members of the community believed the shooting was a complete accident and were flabbergasted when they learned that Alyssa Pettibone purposefully shot her own son.

Alyssa Pettibone remains in custody. If convicted she will most likely be sent to a psychiatric facility or be sent straight to a federal jail.

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