Kimberlee Graves vanished from her home in Colorado in early December. Now, her friends and police are asking the public to help them in the search for the missing mother.

Graves was first reported missing after a friend had not heard from her for a few days. The friend called authorities to report the incident and police went over to her house and discovered that there was no one home and Graves’ car was not on the drive.

A few days later, another friend decided to check up on Graves, and when she entered the house it appeared to have been burgled. There was furniture and household items thrown around the home, but there was no sign of a struggle or foul play. Then, Graves’ car randomly appeared at an obscure garage several days after that.

Police are unsure if Graves has her children with her or if she has been in contact with anyone since the day she disappeared. They state they are working on tracking her phone to try and pinpoint her location, but they feel like she may not even have her cell phone with her.

One of Graves’ closest friends, Daniel Cordova, has expressed his concern for his friend’s wellbeing. He stated that he always worried that Graves was too trusting of people that she did not know very well.

He also revealed that she has been the target of vandalism before, with people purposefully damaging her car. He shared that he has often warned Graves about being too kind to people that she is not familiar with, but that she would always reply that being kind to everyone is the right thing to do.

Authorities have still not revealed whether they think someone else is the cause of Graves’ vanishing or if she initiated it on her own. They are asking anyone with information about the case to come forward as soon as possible.

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