Fans Are Confused – EMINEM Said He Was Using A GAY APPLICATION To MEET People!

American rapper Eminem gave an interview for the Vulture magazine for the occasion of the release of his new album “Revival”. Eminem used the opportunity to share a really interesting detail about his private life, but also to discuss the political situation in America and music critics.

Asked about Donald Trump, he said he is no longer seeing the news due to the new president. “I want our country to be better, but that will not happen while he is in the main place.

Once I thought, we tried everything, so why not try with him, but then I heard his speech saying that Mexico sends rapists and criminals and then I said what the hell. His victory was a great disappointment and speaks a lot about our country. ”

The new album is currently ranked first by iTunes sales in America, the UK, and Australia. Although the album will be commercially successful, music critics were unhappy with what they heard.

“I think I’m in touch with people who listen to my music, I’m doing it for them, everyone else can go to hell, it’s really okay if critics consider that I’m not good enough, but I’m always critical of myself and I’m always trying to do something better. I do not have a perfect career, I have a bad album. ”

The last question he was answering was how he got used to life after he divorced, and the world crawled after this answer:

“It’s difficult. After I got divorced, I went to a couple of love meetings and nothing turned out right. I use Tinder and Grindr, I try to go to strip clubs.”

The world went crazy after this statement because Grindr is an application targeted to the LGBT population. Although he did not go into detail, Eminem “casts” a doubt on whether he is gay.

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