The White House PLANS To ATTACK North Korea: First, They WILL DESTROY Kim’s MOST VALUABLE Thing!

The US plans to launch a military offensive in North Korea, claiming it is aimed at halting its weapons program, and the White House dramatically boosted its military solution, said a well-informed source for Britain’s Telegraph.

One of the options is the destruction of rocket launch sites, before getting used by the North Korean regime.

As stated, and ammunition depots could be targeted.

The goal is for military forces to show to the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un that America is serious in its efforts to halt further nuclear development and start negotiations, writes Telegraph.

These plans were discovered by two former US officials familiar with the case and one administration official. “The Pentagon is trying to find an option that would allow it to strike North Korea’s nose,” the sources said, according to a British newspaper.

North Korean authorities have rejected speculation that the country is developing chemical and biological weapons, arguing that the United States and the other allies want to create preconditions for attacking the country.

Namely, in the last few days, South Korean media have reported that North Korea is preparing for chemical warfare, and similar information was reported by the Japanese newspaper Asahi, quoting an unnamed person linked to the South Korean secret service.

North Korea is developing chemical and biological weapons that can be placed on their intercontinental ballistic missiles,” the report from the Japanese newspaper said.

Furthermore, it is claimed that Pyongyang already has enormous amounts of anthrax and now engineers are testing whether the poison can withstand the high temperatures that appear while the rocket returns to the earth’s atmosphere.

Reportedly, Pyongyang intends to attack the Americans, as well as South Korea and Japan and biological weapons, that is, by all means available.  North Korea, however, says their country has signed the Biological Weapons Convention and that they don’t produce, store, or sell, such weapons in North Korea at all.

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