6 MONTHS After Her Daughter DISAPPEARED, Mom Finds SCARY Post And Then The MYSTERY Continued!

When the 14-year-old Rosemary Gullett from Oregon went missing on June 22, 2015, her mother, Maureen, thought it was a teenage rebellion. It was not the first time for Rosemary to stay out all night, and not to call home. However, when the little girl did not return home for several days, her mother began to panic.

The mother reported the disappearance to the police, which supposed that the girl had run away from home. However, the mother insisted on finding her. An investigation has started but without results.

As the time passed, people called up with relevant information. Friends and some family members said they had seen Rosemary in the city, but that she ran away when they were trying to approach her. Without evidence, the police had to assume that it was an escape for a rebellious teenager, the “Goodfullness” portal said.

Six months after her disappearance, Morin entered on Rosemary’s Facebook profile. There she saw pictures of her daughter who flamed the investigation.

These photos were uploaded recently and posted personally by Rosemary. On them, it is seen the little girl standing in front of a mirror in an unknown bedroom. This apparently looked like a selfie, however, the mother under the false smile saw that her daughter looked frightened.

Worried, Maureen made the worst scenarios in her head. Was her daughter a victim of trafficking? The mother thought Rosemary was kidnapped.

Desperate, she appealed through social networks to help her.

“Rosemary has disappeared and she is in danger, I guess she fell into the hands of traffickers, and after she disappeared I found photos on her Facebook profile,” the mother urged for help.

Other photos or posts from Rosemary were not found.

However, everything changed when Maureen’s husband, David, on January 16, 2016, posted a message on social networks that the girl was found.

“I want to thank everyone for the prayers and support. Rosemary was found after the anonymous report,” wrote David.

The case became increasingly intertwined. When the authorities questioned Rosemary, she said that she wasn’t kidnapped by some human traffickers. The evidence supported those claims. She escaped but did not reveal where. She decided not to return.

What is even more unusual is that Rosemary is happy where she is now.

She and her brothers and sisters are now in a caring family. During the disappearance, Rosemary’s parents were very active on social networks, but when she was found, they became unusually quiet.

Why? Did something happen in the house because of which the girl ran away? Where did she go? Why is she now in a guardian family, not with his parents?

This story has more questions than answers. But the most important thing is that Rosemary has been found alive and well and is now safe.

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